Shimono(Thailand) co.,ltd.  We are Thailand Authorized Sole Distributor: SHIMONO (THAILAND) CO, LTD. Distributors in the country.

We are the appliance vendors that imported from abroad in the name of SHIMONO THAILAND KUVINGS THAILAND and which is the electrical appliances of home. Such as blender power SHIMONO Pro cyclone vacuum cleaner Cyclone Handy Vacuum which suitable for use at home very much. Especially on your couch which has? The dust that we could not see a lot of handheld vacuum cleaners suction Shimono version SVC1016 high power cyclone, convenient to carry, is small. Light weight and has line wires 5 meters available anywhere, even just a little nook Trap dust every atom and can suck dust from the bed well design alternatives for making cleaning easier. Suitable for use inside the home. And cars.

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